“Whatever you teach and however you teach it, maps and apps communicate it better! A 12-year-old who learns to operate a drone at one of our camps this summer may design the next advances in GIS technology. A 17-year-old who learns the connection between mapping and microenterprise may be the next Bill Gates. We’re here to create those possibilities.”
- Fran Harvey, Founder and Director of GGI

Our Programs


Teacher GIS Certification is a two week intensive professional certification course for teachers.  It is designed in order for teachers to learn the materials in the GIS Tutorial 1 textbook, sit for and successfully pass the exam.  For students taking the same course and passing the exam, an Industry-based Certificate will be earned.  Can be delivered virtually!   


Virtual Teacher Professional Development (Visit LAGISk12.org to REGISTER)

This Teacher PD is an ONLINE, a week long training offered through our Mighty Maps Institute ~ reimagined as 2020 Time Capsule.  It is a digital online, web-based workshop to introduce educators to the field of GIS technology (STEM Technology) in a fun way - CROSS CURRICULA & more!  This engaging process will leave you wanting more for yourself and for your students.  You will leave knowing How to Build Your Own Story Map and gain access to over 200 ready to go lesson plans, GeoInquiries, aligned with standards, not all in our content area but in areas you can share with fellow educators and colleagues!
MAPS & APPS  for Students
Mighty Maps Institute ~ Maps & Apps For Students is a GIS program for students aged 11-17 to introduce students to the field of technology in a fun way (drones). The four day GIS program (Monday-Thursday) costs $250 per child and runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The locations include Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Lafayette, New Orleans, West Feliciana, and St. Tammany.  Contact us if you are interested in partnering to hold a Maps & Apps for Students in your area.  Can be delivered virtually!

International GIS Day ~ *2020 will be Virtual GIS Day*

Annually more than 100 to 200 students from throughout Baton Rouge are invited to learn about GIS. The GeoMentors (professionals working as GIS Analysts), lead groups of students through three educational, hands-on activities which include built your own story map, collection of inventory data using smart phones and creating a national geographic map which offers spatial thinking through kinetic learning.  VisitVirtual GIS DAY LOUISIANA for more information.

Annual ArcGIS OnLine U. S. School Competition

This competition is open annually to high school (grades 9-12) and middle school students (grades 4-8) in the U.S who can analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS Online presentation, web app, or story map.  Visit LAGISK12.COM/COMPETITION to register your school today!


Mighty Maps Institute is a grant partnership program between Global Geospatial Institute and ESRI. It's our goal to provide professional development workshop and training to teachers and educators in a school district.

The expectation is our 24-hour instructional session can be segmented in several different ways and will cover all components of ArcGIS online and GIS desktop. The workshop and trainings are designed for K-12 administrators, teachers and educators within the school district, especially career tech educators and counselors.

Part of the Mighty Maps Institute will be the establishment and setup of an Arc GIS online organizational account, username and passwords for your students and administrators and the setup of groups and members in your groups. We will cover an introduction to GeoInquiries, build your own story map, use of mobile devices for collecting data, map GPS data using Collector for ArcGIS, coding, and much more.

Should you have any questions regarding any of our programs, please call us at (225) 939-1091 or email us at info@gginstitute.org


See Opportunities tab for details on GIS Entry Level Course and IBC or click on (red) Register button above
*New* Drone to Smart Mapping Course and Corresponding Industry Based Certification (IBC) is Under Construction.....


Sign up for GIS BYTES

GIS BYTES are FREE biweekly, emails for educators.  GIS BYTES provide incentives and compelling ways to introduce GIS content through Story Maps and GeoInquiries. GIS BYTES come to you with ease and minimal effort. One click to enter the world of GIS! Sign up today to receive GIS BYTES!

This is a complimentary offering, an outreach effort to educators we meet as we criss cross the state promoting GIS in school curriculum and the GIS IBC.

“The geospatial job and industry market is growing at 35 percent per year, and the commercial sector of the GIS industry grew by 100 percent last year. From the petroleum and shipping industries to consumer-fed apps on Smart Phones, GIS is a growing economic force in the world. We're excited to offer this program for the students who will be the workforce and industry leaders of the future.”
- Fran Harvey, Founder and Director of GGI