Global Geospatial Institute is the only accredited entity approved by Louisiana Workforce Investment Council to educate Louisiana students for an Industry-Based Certification program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
“When you connect young people to an activity that is relevant in nearly any career path—transportation, government, business, science, conservation, environment, education, agriculture, emergency planning, forestry, firefighting, community planning or health care and the application is fun, everybody wins!.”
- Fran Harvey, Founder and Director of GGI

Industry Partners in Education

LSU AG Center 4-H

4-H is a community of young people across America who learn leadership, citizenship and life skills through non-formal, research-based experimental education activities. The Louisiana 4-H Youth Development Program specifically offers youth opportunities to interact with science, engineering and technology through hands-on demonstrations, problem solving, personal in-depth projects and career exploration.

Each summer, through our partnership with LSU Ag Center 4-H, GGI offers GIS sessions through the 4-H University Clover College (a noncompetitive learning event which includes seven hours of instruction over 3 days). Topics such as: ArcGIS Online, Arc Collector App, All About Learning and Flying Drones, an in depth tour of the Earth Scan Lab, a Remote Sensing lab, on LSU's campus are some of the topics introduced and taught during this exciting event.

Through GGI, Clover College participants were introduced to the 4-H National GIS/GPS Leadership Team for the first time in 2017. Want to know more about Vibriyogn Epuri, a student from Hammond High Magnet School who was invited to collaborate on a GIS service project involving tidal pools in San Diego Bay and at the Cabrillo National Monument (US National Park Service). 

Currently, we are planning our next awesome GIS projects produced by high school students. If you are interested in learning even more about the possibilities, watch this short video.

  • 4-H Youth Wetlands Program - Lake Bruin, Tensas Parish
    • Global Geospatial Institute (GGI) partnered with the 4-H Youth Wetlands Program.  Students acquired skills during training that enabled them to engage in unique environmental research initiatives focused on water quality data collection and assessment using GIS. Click view projects below to learn more. 
  • 4-H Wetlands Education Program - Shell Training Center, Tangipahoa Parish
    • Local high school 4-H Junior Leaders, from Tangipahoa and St. Tammy parishes gained knowledge on wetland ecosystems through numerous field experiences, demonstrations, and digital activities. Click view project below to learn more.

City of Baton Rouge

This project which analyses hydrological, land use, and land cover (LULC) data to develop a geospatial model proposing sites for the construction of greenways in an urban environment.  The project builds understanding of the relationship between built and non-built environment, and how human activity impacts these lands.  Click on view projects below to learn more.    

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Parish Proud, Fenstermaker and City of Lafayette

Global Geospatial Institute (GGI) partnered with industry based partner, Lafayette's C.H. Fenstermaker (CHF), to embark on a student Geographic Information System training and litter data collection mission, to serve as participants in the Lafayette Parish Proud Litter Project.  Holding true to its mission, GGI garnering the support of their industry partner, Fenstermaker, working teaching high school students to be Citizen Scientist, view the students StoryMaps.  Click on view projects below to learn more.


GIS is committed to assisting Louisiana educators of all grade levels and disciplines so that they are well prepared to teach geographic concepts, knowledge, and skills. We offer 4-hour workshops that are designed for a variety of teaching styles and settings. All of our workshops are taught by GISP Certified Instructors and are offered annually in the Spring and Winter. Already we have reached over 35 plus school districts and several hundred teachers have earned their CEU’s through our Teacher PD programs.


A core foundational professional development service to teach educators how to utilize the ArcGIS technology platform. GGI provides coaching, materials and resources to educators on a district wide level to reach critical mass. Our programs and services are designed for K-12 students and educators beginning with teacher PD and lesson plans for 3rd graders. READ MORE


The variety of high school programs, succeed best when GIS has been introduced at an early age.  Middle school is an ideal time to incorporate a robust GIS program across curricula content thus helping young minds develop critical thinking, project-based learning and service learning, all strong components of spatial thinking and the multidisciplinary aspect the GIS has to offer.


GGI is dedicated to fostering outreach and education in schools using and applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS technology) and Remote Sensing (RS) science and technologies in real world applications. We have worked with approximately 42 Louisiana school districts and their students, teachers and educators.

GGI has participated in several high school career nights, such as the one held at Lamar Dixon in 2017, where over 1000 students attended and learned about GIS IBCs. In addition, we participated in STEM Day at River Parishes Community College, an event co-sponsored by Girl Scouts Louisiana East. At this event 54 girl scouts experienced a college environment and participated in hands-on activities featuring science, technology, engineering and math, a news release said. Activities included virtual welding, environmental science and geographic information system technology.

In addition to these student-based projects, we have also featured GIS programs at Dutchtown High School and River Parishes Community College. In these venues we teach students how to fly drones and collect data in the field utilizing the Collector for ArcGIS. We look forward to our continued partnership with Ascension Parish and participating in the many opportunities it has offered GGI.

Do you want to know more about how high school students are implementing GIS technology? Read more about how St. Aloysius Catholic School; St. Thomas Moore, Lafayette; Cristo Rey Baton Rouge Franciscan High School; Hammond High Magnet School; Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Maps and Apps GIS Summer Program; the Dutchtown High School; and River Parishes Community College in Baton Rouge are teaching students real world applications.


Jumpstart is an innovative career and technical education (CTE) program in Louisiana that teaches students academic content and workplace “soft skills” so that they can earn certifications in high-wage/high-demand career sectors while in high school. With the goal of pursuing future education (in 2- and 4- year colleges) and securing employment, students are required to attain industry-valued credentials in order to graduate with a Career Diploma.  The BESE Board recently approved Jump Start 2.0, as part of that approval our GIS Industry-Based Certification was placed in 6 of the 11 Pathways.  


Internships are universal courses, they apply to every Jump Start graduation pathway.  As part of our Industry Partner relationship we  are actively securing Internships in several of WIC-approved high-demand industry sectors such as Information Technology, Transportation and Logistics to name a few. These Internships are identified as Career Development Fund (CDF) Qualifying Internships according to the LA DOE Believes website. 


In June, 2017 Louisiana Workforce Development approved LARSGIS Institute, dba Global Geospatial Institute, as the certifying agency for a statewide basic Industry-Based Certification in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


The following industries partnered with GGI in the IBC application process. These industries use GIS for research, market analysis and spatial database development ultimately to make smarter decisions and solve complex problems. GIS professionals are problem solvers who apply technology to visualize data to reveal patterns which may otherwise go unnoticed. GIS is working in a field where something is different everyday.

  • C H Fenstermaker & Associates
  • Sigma Engineers and Constructors, Inc.
  • Louis Gilbert and Associates
  • LSU Office of Research & Economic Development
  • Louisiana of Agriculture and Forestry
  • NEI, Inc.
  • Turn Services
  • Providence Engineering
  • St. Tammany Parish Assessor’s Office
  • Owen & White, Inc.
  • City of Hammond Planning Department
  • St. John the Baptist Parish Planning and Zoning