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In the world of technology, Geographic
Information Systems will advance you in every industry.

Map your future now

let’s improve our youths’ knowledge

Our young students are already using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on their phones to find the closest Starbucks, order pizza or get directions to a friend’s house, so let’s help them learn the technology behind it.



The United States continues to rank behind many other advanced industrial nations in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) education and proficiency and it’s time we take action!
Isn’t it time to offer our students an opportunity to succeed in their course work, further education, and workforce life skills?
At Global Geospatial Institute (GGI), we teach students to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and display all kinds of spatial or geographical data. We know that by offering a GIS Industry Based Certification, we can develop students into lifelong learners who will be able to live, compete and successfully function in a global society.
We offer the only GIS industry based certification program.

need more convincing?

The United States Department of Labor anticipates there will be 150 thousand GIS technician jobs available by 2020.

Geospatial Technology is considered one of 13 “High Growth Industries” by The U.S. Department of Labor and the Employment and Training Administration.

CNN ranked GIS Analyst as one of its “Top 100 Best Jobs in America.”

According to a report by Google, 50 percent of Internet users access maps online and 35 percent access maps on the Internet and the Geo services are growing at a rate of 30 percent per annum globally.